Nathaniel Donnett is a cultural practitioner who lives and works in Houston, TX. Donnett's practice occupies both metaphysical and phenomenological spaces. He applies refusal strategies by cultivating his oeuvre, inserting polyrhythms into the poetics of the everyday. His work challenges traditional modes of linear timeline narratives by employing the black aesthetic tradition, radical fractal theory, notions of incompleteness, and sacred geometry.

Cutting through and reconnecting various mediums and genres such as drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, video, sound, and social discourse, Donnett explores the complexity of human potential and limitation within social systems by examining space/time, art, and everyday aesthetics. These varied methodologies represent the fragment and the whole of imagination and socio-political life. Donnett's reconsideration of material, meaning, musicality, and treatment  underscores the ongoing philosophy that art and life remains interconnected.


Dark imaginarence, a neologism Donett coined, is to experience the imagination and imagine the experience, transcending into the unknown out from uncertainty, while engaging in acts of transformation and refusal without abandoning one's material or imaginative cosmology. Dark Imaginarence employs musicality and poetry at its root to communicate and question through visual, sound, and body/haptic languages.
Rather than prioritize presentation or consumption, dark imaginarence also emphasizes the experimental, observation, the spiritual, concept, process, collaboration, and community.


Dark imaginarence is a polyrhythm and a ghost note.
Dark imaginarence is art, before art, after art, anti-art, and reclaims art and suggests that it may not be art at all.
It may be closer to aesthetics or a way of life.
It's incomplete; it collaborates. Dark imaginarence is neither- either/or. It is both/and. It is a body, mind, and soul composition—a human and spiritual compilation of ancestral genealogies. Dark Imaginarence remains in flux, off-center, poetic, and cosmological while playing on and offbeat.


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