Dark Imaginarence, is my approach to art, art making and being a creative. Necessity, multiple methods of communication, observation, art is life perspective, and the poetics of the everyday (through the lens of the poor and the working class) are some of the points of entry and departure that I interpret and consider as my art making and creative process. It conceptually and aesthetically ties together the sociopolitical conditions, multiple experiences, creative practices, imaginations and cultural expressions of black people in the United States (mainly from the south) and throughout the African diaspora. It does not make claim to know the vast myriad conditions, experiences, and imaginations of black people but to apply the concept to what can be gathered and expressed. Dark Imaginarence submits its own unique experience to the universe, as a result, contributes to the commonality of humanity. 


Dark Imaginarence lies within the spaces and gaps; on the sides; above and beneath the questions and answers; and directly through cause and effect. This idea and term is a flexible one. It is an informal form that is also formless that adapts, grows, breathes, dies, and disappears as do living organisms but exists as an object as well. It is creative energy that has existed within the African American culture and tradition prior to it being considered as such. It is spiritual and creative energy that goes beyond the association of what is understood as art and its relationship to contemporary art. Dark Imaginarence seeks to magnify these spaces dependent on theme, context, and circumstance then shift as circumstances permit or so sees fit. Dark Imaginarence has physical and non-physical presence that is earthly and otherworldly.


Dark adaptation happens when the eyes adjusts to darkness, as does the idea of Dark Imaginarence, which takes form and clarity over a period of time and space. It allows itself to move and improvise over a steady pattern of being or not being over a polyrhythm pattern of time that is nonlinear and holistic. It simultaneously works within and outside of contemporary art. Dark Imaginarence is before art; it is art; it is anti art; it is after art; or it may not even be art at all. It knows that it can exist with contemporary art or without it. Dark Imaginarence is imperfect; it improvises, starts, stops, and works with others without prejudice. Dark Imaginarence does not seek to exclude other groups, races, ethnicities, etc. but realize that there is a need to create and sustain our own lane on the humanity pathway. It is community and socially conscious. It is a multiplicity and a singularity depending upon intent, context, survival or life pattern. It is not either/or. It is and/both. It congeals and conflates the body, mind, and soul. It defines its possibility. It is human. It remains in flux. Dark Imaginarence makes mistakes. Dark Imaginarence will only fit into a box that it creates, and only if it chooses to; will tear that box down to create a new one.  Dark Imaginarence is to be continued. 


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