I'm interested in the theoretical and practical notions of blackness, working class Black social life, everyday aesthetics, sound and music as conceptual and formal frameworks that question systems related to race, class, space, and time. My practice attempts to bring visibility to the overlooked, in- between, and (not) in between spaces, through material exploration, my surroundings, and inquiry by way of the relational modes and strategies. Through these explorations I hope to better understand the relationship between our socio-cultural standings and spatial imaginaries. This approach is as close to the idea of life as I understand it to be, as it renders itself and its consequence incomplete and unresolved.


As a way to address subjectivity, precarity, and the state of be, been, being, and becoming  of the world; I've coined the term Dark Imaginarence to describe my multidisciplinary practice. Rather than prioritize only that which is created for presentation or consumption, Dark Imaginarence also emphasizes observation, concept, process, collaboration, spirit, and community - underscoring the inter and intra-connected nuance between art, life, and the poetic. Dark Imaginarence is similar to dark adaptation in terms of our eyes adjusting to darkness. What appears before the eye is not limited to its opticality but also an understanding from disparate spaces, physical, and conceptual materializations through notions of illegibility and uncertainty. Dark Imaginarence is an on-going inquiry of our ongoing social - spatial framework and readjustments.


Imagination, experience and the notion of darkness acts as the foundation of Dark Imaginarence and improvises through the on and off beat polyrhythms of being, not being, ain’t being, to just be, how you've been, and what you're becoming. Dark Imaginarence simultaneously works within and outside the parameters of contemporary art but always within the space of blackness. Dark Imaginarence is: art, before art, after art, anti-art, and reclaims art that has been erased or considered invisible. Or it may not be art at all. It is art and... It is imperfect and incomplete. It collaborates. Dark Imaginarence is not either/or. It is both/and/. It is a body, mind, and soul composition. A compilation of ancestral genealogies. It is human and remains in flux and off-center as a question that questions.


Dark Imaginarence is - to be continued.


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