Nathaniel Donnett is interested in the theoretical and practical notions of blackness, working class Black social life, _________ poetic, the imagination, and everyday aesthetics as conceptual and formal frameworks that question interiority, systems, binaries, space, and time. Inspired by language, _________, uncertainty, and the uncanny, Donnett explores ideas of the in-between, race, and visibility regarding the potential and limitation of the social and spatial imaginary. Visual, audio, and haptic vocabularies are employed as strategies __________ engage with history, contemporary culture, mystery, and socio-politic– cultural concerns.  


Donnett coined the term dark imaginarence to describe his multidisciplinary practice that applies various disciplines such as drawing/painting, sculpture, installation, public art, community-based ________, performance, sound, video, and writing.  The exploration of these various disciplines represents ideas of refusal from fixated and linear ___________.  Dark Imaginarence acts as a state of be, being, been, and becoming complicating reality and time through discourse that’s entangled between____________, aesthetics, art, and the everyday. Rather than prioritize only that which is created for presentation or consumption, dark imaginarence also emphasizes observation, the spiritual, concept, process, collaboration, and community - underscoring the intersection of art and ____________.


The dark in dark imaginerance represents the concepts of _____________ and __________. 

The imaginarence is a combination of word and ideas - imagination, imaginary, imagine and experience, experimental, and experiental.

Dark Imaginarence is __________ polyrhythm and a__________.

Dark Imaginarence is art, before __________, after art, anti-art, and reclaims art

and suggest that it may not be art at all.

It may be considered something else closer to aesthetics or a _______ of life.

It is incomplete. It collaborates. Dark __________ is neither- either/or. It is both/and. It is a body, mind, and soul composition. A human and spiritual compilation of ancestral genealogies. It is human and remains in flux, off-center, on and off beat.



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